Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Status of Project Frankenstein & Other Updates

Reading Goal

I have completed half of the goal that I set for myself this year. Really happy that I'm getting some reading done even with life being as crazy as it is.

Project Frankenstein

I have finished 8 out of the books that I originally included in the post. Right now, I'm reading My Frankenstein, which is fun. Frankenstein & Philosophy remains abandoned even now. It isn't just dry; it is also repetitive, which makes it even worse!

Book Bingo

Besides this, I am also playing Book Bingo with my workmates. At the moment, I'm reading a book for the Myth-Based shelf

this is the progress that I've made so far:

Wringo Ink.

As you guys know, we started a Writing Bingo game at work, as well. So far, I've written a short story in the Romance genre, one with a Philosophical twist, and a play! Now, I'm writing a story that starts with a certain phrase. The phrase was chosen by our long-suffering readers and goes like, "Once upon a time, sharks flew across the sky."


As if I don't have enough things going, I am so tempted to start this game. If I do, I think I'll let it extend beyond May 2017 because I want to finish as many books off my TBR as I can! I have already rolled the dice for the first time and got 7 viz.

and I'm thinking of reading this one because I haven't had a chance to read it yet:

Five Exercises for Writing Stronger Narrative Personality

I think I'll be starting with this one and take my time to finish writing about each personality:

Exercise 1: Free Write

"Take three personalities, and spend fifteen minutes free writing in their voice. You can write about absolutely anything – what you ate for breakfast, which elder god will swallow the world, or what the character’s life is like – as long as you do it with their personality".

I want to start with, A cultist on the edge of losing their soul to an elder god, because it sounds very Malazan-esque and really cool!

The Missing Slate Contest

A short story content that I will be participating in. Here are the details:

The Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction

The daddy of all awards and I want to participate in this one. The deadline is mid of May and I kept thinking I had time but now April's almost gone and I'm panicking. I have the beginnings of an idea but I don't yet know how to pull it off. Moreover, the idea tells me that the story is going to be Military SciFi/Fantasy. I might have read books in this genre but writing a story seems impossible.

Stick along for the ride & I promise, I'll keep you posted!
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