Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wrote this for a giveaway that I won :D
Wrote this for a giveaway that I won :D


Reading is not like anything else. To me, reading means being comforted, being worthy of being fought for, becoming strong enough to fight for myself and so many other things that I wouldn't even know how to describe. Once I had fallen in with reading, libraries became my favorite haunts. I couldn't afford to buy every book I wanted but I could at least, borrow them. Now, when I scroll down @dusty_pages, I realize what a wonderful thing they are doing. They're making unlimited, unimaginable worlds available to readers at amazingly affordable prices. If I had them while growing up, that is where all my allowance would have gone. So without further ado, i give you the dusty_pages caption:
Dusty Pages--Imagination at its most affordable! #dustypages #readersofpakistan #affordablereads #noholdsbarredreading


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